Sunday, 20 January 2013

One of those weeks!

Hello lovelies!

Before I dive into this post, I thought I would briefly mention a few things. Regular readers may remember that a while ago the lovely Emily nominated me for a
Liebsterblog award. Well, one of my newest followers, Rachael, nominated me too! Her blog is beauty based and a good read! So click her name and it'll take you to it! I'll be posting more about then and answering her questions shortly!

Secondly, I have seen other blogs offer giveaways for their followers. So I thought that when I reach 100 followers, I would put together a hamper type thing of my favourite products and offer a giveaway. But I'm a long way off so if you're not yet a follower, please do follow! Or if you're already following, please spread the word! I'd appreciatete it very much! :)

Now for the actual post.

The past week or so has been 'one of the weeks' that everyone speaks of starting Saturday of last week...

Picture this, Saturday in a mall, around lunchtime, a busy shop. Just after 12, I'm taking my lunch break when the fire alarm sounds. So we spring to action, evacuating the shop and making our way outside. An hour or so passes as we all huddle together in the cold with other staff members from the mall and customers. Upon making our way back to the shop when all was safe, this is what greeted us in the back corridor.

To anyone else, it may seem like nothing, but this was not what we wanted to see. You see, our store is located directly below Burger King. To cut a long story short, for a 3rd time, Burger King had a mishap, and the water made its way into our staffroom/stockroom.

This was what greeted us inside. These pictures were taken when the water stopped running. Thanks to the power being knocked out, (back up emergency lighting in the toilet) we were unable to open again that day, and didn't open till 1pm the next day, losing out on 9 hours trade. Good times!

Then, Monday came around, the first of my two days off, and with it came snow! And alot of it! And when there's snow, then it's the done thing to make a snow man. So we did!

Living 40ish miles from the city I work in finally proved to have it's benefits when I was given an extra day off thanks to the snow. So, yay!!

That's all for now! Sorry I waffled on a bit, but I have a tendency to do that. I had only now realised I can schedule posts, so tomorrow will be spent preparing posts for when I can't get to a laptop in the next couple of weeks. Until then, ta-ta!



  1. Oh God you had a rough time in work didn't you? But the snow day off work made up for it I'm sure lol I'm so jealous of your snow, I'm n Manchester and all we have had is sleet! no snow men for me :( I stopped on your blog because you mention tea!! I drink loads and mention it on my blog too, bet you didn't expect tea to draw people in eh?
    Angela x

    I've only blogged for two weeks, so if you wanna follow each other that'd be great x

    1. Haha, we found a way to make a good time of it. Waiting around was a good oppurtunity to play on spinning chairs in the back corridor!

      Ooooh you can't beat a good brew! A good cuppa can make everything better!

      I'd gladly follow you, i'm always looking for new blogs to follow!
      :) xoxo

  2. Cute photos!
    S xx