Sunday, 29 April 2012

Here we go again.

Good evening!

Finally I have something to blog about! I got paid this week and of course went on a little shopping spree. Nothing too major though.

My biggest splurge this week was a large amount of nail polish. I am a bit of an addict when it comes to nail polish and with companies constantly making new colours and effect I am constantly buying them.

Here are the shades i bought, going along the rows.
1. Models Own - 49 Lilac Dream
2.Models Own - 119 Purple Blue
3. Barry M - 327 Magnetic Burgundy
4. Barry M - 302 Fuchsia
5. Barry M - 309 Strawberry Ice Cream
6. Barry M - 304 - Mint Green
7. 17 - Smoke Signal
8. 17 - Forever
9. 17 - Heartbeat
10.17 - Sherbet Lemon

So far, I've only tried the Models own 119, and I love. It's a two tone colour with a hint of glitter. And it's pretty chip resistant!
I would have tidied them up but my nail polish remover has gone walkies.

Here are some Instragram pictures from the past week or so.

 which colour to choose? / some nail art
my awful wake up times / my lunch bag :)

Thanks for reading! See you again soon!

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