Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Touch the rain.

Apologies for the pure lack of any kind of awesomeness in this entry.

This past weekend involved a trip down to a rainy & cold London with the bestie to once again see McFly. Yep. Twice on the same tour. I'm hardcore. As exciting as it was to FINALLY see them at a London show, and one that was being filmed, it was all a bit samey. Even the on-stage banter was the same. But, they did play an extra song AND released confetti at the end so I guess we can't complain too much. Plus, it was kind of awesome knowing the lyrics to the new songs.

Adding to the excitement of the show, before hand I went along the queue street teaming for Dougie's clothing line, Saint Kidd. If I spoke to you in the queue, HI! Saint Kidd is basically t-shirts, but they have some awesome designs. So if pirates and awesome t-shirts are your sort of thing, head over to www.saintkidd.com and spend some money!

Seeing as my birthday is approaching (May 3rd if you're interested), it may be time to start looking for my gift! That's if you were ever planning on getting me one. I did think about doing an entry with a birthday wish list, but a number of reasons led me to decide against it. A few reasons being that I have too much of an expensive taste, and frankly there's nothing (realistic) I really want right now. 

Oh my, this is a dull post! I don't even have any photo's to bulk it out. Well, here's a few Instagram photos from the past week.


i'm such a big kid! / i'm kind of obsessed with draw something right now!
hotel chillin' / easter!

Well that just about rounds up this totally un-awesome entry. Hopefully things will improve next time. Until then, follow me! :) 
Thanks for reading!

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