Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Let's keep the party going all night long


I don't really have an introduction planned for this entry so I'm just going to dive straight into it. Although, I guess that kind of acted as an introduction.

It was my nephew's 6th birthday at the weekend so as a treat I took him to Norwich along with my brother and niece. Part of his treat was a visit to Build-A-Bear so he could, as the name states, build a bear.

 Here is his creation, Kitty Kat. Apparently, Kitty Kat is Manchester City supporter but they didn't have the kit so he had to get an Arsenal kit. Ah, god I love that little dude. This is the same little dude that when I showed him my gold sparkly shoes he said "you'll probably fall over in them."

The day after that, I worked, and 45 minutes after finishing my shift I hopped on a bus to London. That night, I camped on some back street behind Oxford Street to get a wristband for a Demi Lovato CD signing. Thankfully, 12 hours sat on concrete in the cold with a thin blanket was worth it and I did meet her. Here are a few pictures from that night and the next day.

The queue for wristbands just before they were handed out / our wristbands
My bestie & I brushing our teeth in the McDonald's toilets (classy!) / My bestie meeting Demi (We weren't allowed to take photos but i took a sneaky one!)
Us & some friends we made / my signed CD.

The people who camped and HMV were getting a lot of stick for the way things were done regarding camping. I won't go into detail but to anyone who had anything to say; how peeved would you be if you travelled 100s of miles, sat on cold concrete with no sleep for 12 hours to not get a wristband, and then something who shows up at 7am gets one. I'm just saying!

Moving on! :)

So, my New Look card arrived. Oh dear! So I did some shopping, and here's what I bought!

 They currently have a buy-one-get-one-free on jewellery and hair accessories so I bought these. The earrings are £2.99 and the necklace is £5.99. I'm totally in love with the necklace because it looks just like a Disney Couture one that I want.

 I've had my eye on this bag for a couple of weeks so I decided to finally buy it & I love it! It's such a gorgeous colour and a great size, and it can be yours for just £14.99. The top was £7.99. Its a light lilac colour and has a sort of Aztec print on it. But it's super light and thin so will be good for when the sun comes out again!

So that's it for now! Follow if you can or subscribe by email! Exciting things happening this weekend so will blog about it all on Monday! Thanks for reading!

See you soon!


  1. so jealous that you met demi! looks like you had so much fun though :)

  2. omg it was amazing. and shes so much more gorgeous in the flesh! x