Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Studs & stuff!

Hello! It's been a whole 10 days since my last post, oops! I was actually waiting for something I bought to arrive in the post until so I could blog about how excited I was, but it's not here yet so I guess I can't blog about it yet. But here I am posting yet another full of nonsense blog entry for you lovely people! I'm not sure if people are actually reading these entries, or just looking at pictures or what. It'd be nice to get some sign that people are paying attention to my ramblings.

So, since my last entry, I received a lovely letter from Mr Taxman, telling me I had paid too much tax, £716 too much to be exact. So as you can imagine, I was rather happy! This money paid for the exciting purchase that I'm still waiting for. Not all of it though, which left me some to treat myself with. I went on a bit of a crazy shoe buying frenzy, which resulted in buying 7 pairs within one hour. I justify this by telling myself 5 pairs were from Primark and are basically all black pumps for work. Not terribly exciting but still, shoes! The few exciting pairs I bought are...

These are from Topshop and were £25. I love them purely for the spike studs!

This is the other exciting pair I bought. They're from Internacionale and we're £19.99 but I had a 20% voucher. I'm wearing them with Primark leggings, a Primark vest and Peacocks blouse. 

In other news, I dyed my hair! Not the whole head, just the ends. Before I started regularly blogging, I had dyed all my hair pastel pink, and loved it. Recently, I've been missing it, but didn't dare do the whole head again, so just went with the tips. Annoyingly, no camera shows how bright it is, but this is the best I could come up with. 

I also recently started fake tanning. I've never really done it before, not regularly, just the occasional night out. I'm actually in love with it! I have always been a shade of Edward Cullen and if I try to tan in the sun I end up a shade of Mr Krab off of Spongebob. And with full time work, I've not had the time to lay in the sun anyway, especially when the weather is only nice when I'm stuck at work! 

I think that's everything from my un-exciting week or so. I can't help thinking I'm missing something but oh well! Here's a few Instagram photos. If you have Instagram, follow me @VivDFeatures.

my new phone case (i shall give more details soon!) / my new lamp! tkmaxx! so alice in wonderland!

 nail art using barry m coral and andrea fullerton nail studs / my amazing £20 charity shop mirror! in love!
i'll be honest, i love a bit of the biebs. his new album is actually amazing and this song is tdf!

That's all for now! Thanks for reading! Leave comments and subscribe if you like it! See you soon!

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