Sunday, 22 July 2012

Nailed it!

Hello! It would appear that I have been rather slack with blogging lately, and I apologise for that. But, if you like nail art, then this entry will interest you, although it will be mainly pictures of my artwork.

 These are a few that I have done recently; Disney, Pandas, Polka dots & roses and American flag.

I recently treated myself to a few new Barry M nail polishes, my favourite being shade 324 Silvery Lilac, seen below on the left. The polish on the right is the Croc nail effects.

 I also bought the Chameleon effects in 331 Chameleon Blue, 330 Chameleon Pink & 332 Chameleon Lilac. I'm in love with these polishes  because they're so easy to use to get awesome effects. All you do is paint your nail like you normally would then when it's dry use a clear varnish to create effects. If you click on the pictures below you can see how I used them.

 Feeling a little inspired by recent Rainbow sighting, I painted my nails to match, all with Barry M polishes of course. The shades I used were; 262 Bright Red, 296 Coral, 136 Tangerine, 134 Yellow, 300 Acid Yellow, 290 Spring Green, 306 Pale Blue, 291 Cobalt Blue, 303 Bright Purple & 302 Fuchsia.

I then thought it would be cool to go over each colour using the Barry M black crackle effects, and I love  how it turned out. 

I while ago I bought some nail foils, then forgot about them, and today I found them. I'd been wanting to try nail foils for a while but all the main brands were around £6 and I was abit reluctant to pay that much for something I wasn't 100% sure on. But I found these in Poundland so I snapped them up quick.

I had heard mixed reviews about foils, many people saying they were tricky to apply. In all honesty, I found them to be quite easy. By following the instructions and being patient, the results are pretty snazzy!

I thought they looked pretty cool just like that, but I wanted to jazz them up a little so I broke out the Andrew Fullerton nail studs.

That's all for now, thanks for reading! Comment & subscribe if you it! See you again soon!

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  1. Love the panda nails! Very cute!