Friday, 13 July 2012

Casual Friday

Happy Friday 13th! 

Thankfully, nothing too unlucky has happened to me today. Actually, it's been the best Friday 13th I've ever had. I finally shifted the big black clouds that have been hanging over me for weeks. I feel almost like me again. Not sure if what fixed it though. The fact that I had an 11 hour sleep and a long soak in the bath may have helped but who knows. I hope none of you have had anything bad happen!

So... my life has been very mundane lately. With working full time I'm not left with a lot of time to do anything. Plus the weather has been so poo lately it's not worth making plans. Today, I had a nothing day, until I had to leave the house at 4, but when I eventually got dressed, this was my casual Friday ensemble:

Jacket: River Island
Tee - New Look
Jeans - Primark
Shoes - Topshop.

My hair is so blah in this picture. I MUST get it cut soon!

I've been playing with nail polishes a lot lately but, let's save that for another day! Until then, here's some Instagram pictures. Follow me if you have it @VivDFeatures.

Sometimes, you just need Ben & Jerry's / I am in love with this song. Go check it out! #youregonnalovethis

The extent of my obsession / a rainbow!

Thanks for reading! Follow and comment :) See you again soon!

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