Thursday, 24 January 2013

MUA Nail Constellation.

Good afternoon!! 

If you're a regular reader you'll know I love anything nail polish and nail art related. So when I opened my stocking this Christmas, one stocking filler got me very excited!

The stocking in particular was a product by MUA (Make Up Academy) that I had my eye on for a while but never got round to purchasing. What I love about MUA is that their products are great quality and a low price! One of my favourites is their liquid eyeliner, which is just £1!

So anyway, the product that I'm raving about in this post is their Nail Constellation Effects, and the 'shade' I got was Gemini. The best way to describe this product is hundreds and thousands for your nails.

Here's how I got on with it...

For the base, I used Barry M shade number 334, Teal.

I then gave each nail a coat of Teal.When that was dry, the nail I decided to put the effect on was given a thick coat of Teal. For the application, I used a tip my friend suggested, which is to pour some of the beads (as I will refer to them as) into an egg cup, and press the damp nail into the beads.

Admittedly, this is the second time I have used these effects, and last time I poured the effect on and tried to pour the extra back in, making a total mess. This way worked alot better for me.

With my finger, I pressed the beads firmly into place, and waited for it to dry. This was a good opportunity to give my other nails another coat. When everything was dry, I brushed away any extra beads and was left with a neater nail. When I used these the first time, I put a clear coat over the beads, which made the colour fade abit. I know other people who have done the same thing and had no problems so it may just be my clear coat, and my poo luck!

Here's the final result!

I can't rave about this product enough! Come payday, I'm treating my self to some of the other colours in the range, and some other MUA products! If you're looking to buy these or anything else from MUA, they're available in Superdrug, or on their website.

So, that's all for now folks! I hope you enjoyed this post. If you've used this product, let me know how you got on!

See you soon!


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  2. that's such a clever tip! I've tried to apply them by tipping them on before and failed miserably so I'll be sure to give it a go that way!
    Beth xoxo

  3. Love this beautiful.*_*
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  4. So cute! Great tip too! I always have trouble pouring them on too, never thought to use a little tray~

  5. Pretty! :)