Sunday, 27 January 2013

Katy Perry Swarovski nails.

Hi! Hello! How are you?

I thought I would do a little nail tutorial type thing today. I've been inspired by a picture I saw a while ago of Katy Perry's nails.

Katy rocked these nails back in 2009 for the MTV EMAs in Berlin. Her look was created with Swarovski crystals, alot of them! My recreation will be a little less extravagant I'm afraid.

 Here's my version of it. If I had more patience I would do all the nails, but for a first attempt, the ring finger nail will have to do!

For the silver, I used Barry M's foil effects in silver, duh. The gems are from a nail art set I got from Primark for £2. The set includes 2 nail art pens, black & white, and nail gems in silver and pink.

First, I put the gems into the lid of a small box. This was just to keep them all together and prevent a mess! I then painted each nail with one coat of the silver. Once this was dry, I applied a thick layer to the nail I was applying the effect to. I used tweezers to apply the gems to the damp nail. Some nail art kits, like the Andrea Fulerton nail studs, come with a dabber stick, perfect for times like this. Unfortunately, mine has gone walkies.

It took a while to get all the gems on but it was worth it in the end. I pressed the nails with my finger to make sure they were firmly stuck, then gave the other nails another coat and then a clear coat on all nails, including the blinged out one.

If you cant find the nail art set in your local Primark, I've seen nail art gems in Poundland. Also, eBay is a good place for nail art bits and bobs. 

Let me know if you try this effect! See you again soon!


  1. These are really nice. If i ever use gems i always stick them down with nail glue, never tried just putting them straight on the wet nail before. Do they stay on well?


  2. Ah, your ring finger looks COOL.
    Love it :)

    Rosie x