Monday, 15 February 2016

Five product face

A long time ago, I was tagged by my best friend Sabrina to do the five product face tag. I did it, but never posted it because I'm rubbish like that. But I did it again and here I am posting it. The first time I did, it wasn't that hard as at the time I was basic when it came to make up. Since then, my make up bag has evolved quite a bit. I think I did well creating a look that I like using such limited products. So here goes!

I started with MAC's pro longwear foundation in NC20. I've been using MAC foundation for almost a year, although I still prefer Clarins. I usually use a Studio Fix powder over the top to give a matte appearance but with limited products I'm making do with just a liquid foundation for this. I also skipped using a primer.

I never used to shade in my brows, but now I do I can't imagine not doing them. I've been using the Benefit Brow zings brow palette in light. I don't usually use the pigmented wax, it all depends on how dark I want my brows to look. For this, I just used the powder.

For my eyes, I used Rimmel gel liner and a Mac mascara. The mascara is just a sample of the false lashes extreme black. I like it, but prefer either Too Faced's better than sex or Max Factor's False lash effect. The gel liner is by far my favourite. I'm alternating between this one and the Benefit They're Real eyeliner.

To finish, I used a classic red lipstick. This is MAC's Russian red. I love red lipstick, it's a classic colour that I find works for most looks, especially since I've been blonde again! I used a lip brush to apply it rather that putting it straight onto the lip

And here is the end result! I think it's a nice simple everyday look. It's nice to know that I can do it with such little products if I ever need to get ready in a hurry. 

Thanks for reading! 


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