Friday, 11 May 2012

Happy Friday!

Hi folks! Happy Friday!

Being my only day off this week I had planned to use it productively and tidy my room and catch up on laundry. However, like many of my other plans, it didn't work out. Although I did manage to catch up on sleep, so that was nice. To be perfectly honest, I was so bored I actually wished i was at work. All I did all day was watch Big Bang Theory, and then go to Brownies. I should point out that I am a Brownie leader and not an actual Brownie. 

This week I've been playing around with nail polishes. Everyday so far I've changed my nail polish, and will be posting on Sunday my 7 days of nail art. Between designs I finally tried out some of my new polishes and thought I would share the results with you.

 This shade is by 17 and is called Smoke Signal. The bottle says 2 coats but I found that just 1 gave a good finish.

This is another 17 shade and is called Pink Lemonade. It's the polish I was given for my birthday. I actually love this colour and it may be new favourite! I don't know why but the tip looks orange, but it's kinda cute!

 This is one of Barry M's magnetic polishes in Burgundy. I love magnetic polishes, and what I love about Barry M is that there is variations on patterns. I'm definitely going to buy more!

I had seen someone do this effect and decided to try it myself. It's achieved by panting the bottom half of the nail, one colour and quickly painting the top another and using the brush the merge the two colours. I think the more watery the polish, the better the effect. 

Also this week, it was pointed out to me that my blog no longer had a follow button, thanks to Blogger changing stuff and either not telling us or me being silly and not paying attention. But now it's fixed and you can now follow by clicking 'join this site' down the left hand side of the page.

Keep tuned for my '7 days of nail art' on Sunday, and watch this space for lots more DIY Fashion posts!

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