Sunday, 23 September 2012

Cambridge baby!

Hello there! I'm sorry I've been slack with posting lately, but I've been busy, and we didn't have Internet for a few days, and then I stayed at the boyfriend's for a couple of days but here I am at last!

So, what have I been up to? Other than working, I had a night out with the girls. It's been a while since the four of us all got together for a night out so it was so good just to get dolled up and get our groove on together.

Also, my wonderful boyfriend took me to Cambridge for the day. I'd never actually been to Cambridge before so this was very exciting to me! I planned to take lots of pictures but didn't really stick to that, but I did take a few.

This is the window of a sweet shop in Cambridge. It sells retro sweets, American candy, and just general pick & mix. So amazing! There's one in Norwich but their windows aren't as cool as this one!

I found it quite funny how bicycles there was around Cambridge. I knew they were a popular method of transport but didn't realise quite how popular. We didn't do much sight seeing but the sights we did see were beautiful and I think a second trip should be made just for the sights.

Here are the treats the boyfriend bought for me.

These 3 items are all from Primark. I'm a bit in love with the jacket. I saw one almost identical in a more expensive shop so when I saw this in Primark, I had to have it. What makes it better is that I had to buy it in a size 16, a size I haven't bought in years. Exciting times! I've had my eyes on the leggings for a while and finally caved. As for the hat, it's so darn snazzy and comfy I couldn't resist.

 These sunglasses are by Vans and we bought them in the Vans store in Grand Arcade. I love them because they look just like the Ray Ban Clubmasters.

And possibly the best thing anyone has bought for me...
BUILD A BEAR! I don't even care how dorky I looked dressing a Hello Kitty in a Wetherspoons, I was a very happy bunny!

Anyway, that day was possibly one of the best days ever so thank you to the boyfriend :)

Thanks for reading, more posts coming soon!


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