Sunday, 28 October 2012

Deja vu.

I feel like its becoming a regular thing for me to say this but I'm so sorry I haven't blogged in forever. Basically, my laptop is being a total pain in the hiney, and to cut a long story short, doesn't turn on. I usually try an use my mum's laptop in times like this but haven't had a chance to pop over and see her to use it. So for now I'm having to use my blogger app on my phone, which I'm not a fan of. With the app, you can put photos in but you can't pick the placement, it just plonks them at the bottom of the page which I don't like.

I'm hoping to get my laptop sorted soon, so can get back to blogging properly, not that I really have much to blog about apart from a few new make up bits and bobs and new items of clothing.

Once again, I'm super sorry and for those who are patiently waiting for an entry, thank you and I hope I can deliver soon!

Thanks for reading

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