Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Here I am!

Greetings oh lovely ones! I am here, long overdue I know!

I have been super busy lately, hence the lack of entries. Work is getting crazy as we get closer to Christmas, and I have an actual proper social life for the first time in forever and I'm in the process of moving back to my parents' (again!).

Since my last proper post, I've done a few exciting things. One of which was going to see Nicki Minaj on her tour. Although our seats were on the very back row of the top tier at the O2, it was a pretty good time. I made the decision to wear my Jeffrey Campbell's and decided to remove them when I made a trip to get refreshments. I'm not good with heights full stop, so when I'm tackling steps in heels half a mile up, and being as clumsy as I am, I figured it would be wise to go barefoot.

For the event I decided to bring back the pink hair. I didn't dare to full head, purely because of work, so I went for the dip dye. I don't know if it's still cool but it's never stopped me before so hey ho!

I wanted to go all out with my nails for the occasion, so I dug out my Poundland super find nail polish. The brand is 'Chit Chat' and the shade is Rio. I applied 4 or 5 layers to get the look, which turned out to be total bitch to remove but oh well!

I also went to see 3OH!3 for the second time. This gig took place at The Waterfront in Norwich. We were a little disappointed at the turnout but it later proved to be a good thing. Clearly we're getting too old to be right at the front and took ourselves to the back to get some air, and the lack of people meant we weren't too far back so happy times! All in all it was an amazing show. One of the supports were a band called The Lafontaines who were amazing and you should give them a listen. Total cuties too so that's a bonus!

Also, thanks to the lovely Emily over at Rosella for giving me blogger of the month for November. Why don't you pop over and have a looksy at her fabulous blog? I'm sure she'd appreciate a follow too!

That's all for now. When I'm settled in back at my folk's place, I'll do a small haul post and some other bits and bobs. Thanks for reading, see you again soon!

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