Saturday, 9 February 2013

Seventeen Haul

Hello lovelies!

If you don't know, one of my favourite make up brands is Seventeen at Boots. I love their products because they're great quality, and they're purse friendly. I use several of their products in my day to day make up, and own a wide variety of shades of their nail polishes.

On this months monthly voyage to Boots for supplies, I took a look at the Seventeen stand and treated myself to a few new goodies.

Supreme Shine Lipstick in Day-glo & Barely Blush £4.99 each
Doll'd Up Mascara in Black £6.29 each
Doll'd Up 3 Way Liquid Eyeliner
Nail polishes in Glisten, Fury & Potion £2.99 each

Okay, so let's start with the lipsticks. I've only used one so far, Day-glo, and I love it! It's such a gorgeous colour and so easy to apply! I've found with some lipsticks (not Seventeen), that during application the colour goes a bit patchy and uneven, but this one went on straight away and evenly.

The Doll'd up mascara is a new release in the brand. I bought one and was saddened that there was none of the free with purchase 3 way liquid eyeliners left. But being eager to purchase, bought anyway and then bought another when there were more eyeliners. I adore this mascara. I find with other mascaras that they make my eyes itchy, but not with this one. The brush is an anti-clump brush and does exactly that. It's also curved to make application easy and gives the lashes a curl! 

I've only used one of the polishes so far, and that was Potion. It's a two tone polish, with tones of green and gold. As with all other 17 polishes, I was very pleased with this one. The colour is gorgeous and it dries quickly, as the bottle promises!

That's all for my haul. I'll post more about the mascara and lipsticks when i remember to take pictures!

See you again soon! 

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  1. The mascara packaging looks good. Looking forward to more on it - maybe the brush and a review?